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No one missed the meat!

Family lifePosted by veganomically Tue, August 06, 2013 20:39:39
I volunteered to cook tonight and I'm not really sure what the family expected me to cook, or prepare - another salad I guess. Happy to report that the sweet garlic and tomato farfelle went down very well, from my 3 year old right through to my mother and father-I'm-law. Second helpings had by most and my daughter kindly informed me that it was her favourite meal of the week. It makes me think a little bit about the 'press' around vegan food, it's not currently marketed as the tasty, nourishing, attractive food it often is. The conglomerates in the ready meals industry spend millions upon millions marketing their, often poor quality, meals and there is no vegan marketing guru doing the same for our fare. We need to share the joy of eating a vegan diet and make it into one of the positive aspects of becoming a vegan. I have experienced many new flavours since turning vegan and I want that to be the experience of all. I'd urge everyone to push the positives in terms of the taste of vegan food by offering to cook a meal, prepare a course, bake a cake or simply share their lunch. The more we can get people engaged with actual vegan food the more likely the possibility of another person reaching the decision that this is something they can do and that being put off by the 'difficulties' of maintaining a vegan diet is quite simply a non-reason. Vegan food = exciting, compassionate food. Follow me on twitter @veganomically

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