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CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Mon, August 05, 2013 19:47:34
The more and more I delve into the mysteries and excitement of following a vegan lifestyle the more I am convinced that following a plant based diet is the optimum approach on many levels.

An individual's decision will be based on the factor most relevant to them, but what is important is simply that the decision is taken. In order to take this step it is imperative that people are educated as to the facts behind the obscene factory farming and behind the meat, dairy and fish industries as a whole. The power of the the lobby behind this industry is so strong the truth is hidden behind the brash marketing campaigns that communicate half truths and downright lies.

If people remain disconnected from the food they eat they will struggle to correlate a vegan lifestyle with a premise of doing no harm. If the conglomerate behind the production of milk thinks that adding an image of a cow to the label means that people don't see behind the smokescreen we need to let them know otherwise. The packaging on cigarettes is clear to see but the impact of following a western diet can have a similar detrimental effect on the levels of health a person enjoys. Why aren't the same labels on the food most people eat?

It's the fact people aren't looking at an animal when it makes it to their plate or to their fast food take away box that is the problem. Walking past a field of spring lambs or a newly born calf does not make anyone think I must get some lamb chops or veal on the way home. When you see a freshly picked bunch of vine tomatoes the smell and the warmth of the skin does make you want to take them home and to consume them with enjoyment.

Schools need to give over some of their time to engaging pupils in the healthy eating habits that will be help the planet and themselves over the coming years. Until being a vegan is seen as a 'normal' lifestyle it will remain hidden away and completely misunderstood.

I'd ask that we all take the time to gently educate everyone we know, not in a forceful way, just telling the truth when asked and portraying the array of social, personal and environmental benefits following the lifestyle will bring.

Think positive and act positive, negativity never wins out in the end.

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