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When to share and when not to share?

CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Mon, August 19, 2013 20:16:06
I'm learning that there is a relatively fine line to draw when deciding how much to share with non-vegans. When asked a direct question I'm of the opinion that a direct answer is required. What I'm realising is that although the answers are clear enough to me that's only because I've researched the topic and have an, albeit limited, awareness of some of the key pillars driving veganism forward. When coming to the subject cold, and perhaps being the first vegan some people have met, some of the cold facts can be a little hard to stomach. People seem more comfortable accepting personal health reasons for becoming vegan as opposed to ethical or even environmental reasons. It's as if the people that don't eat meat or support any form of animal exploitation are the extreme ones, when surely history will record that we were in fact neither radical or adversarial. A question I ponder is whether ethical vegans differ from those that follow the lifestyle for its impact on their personal health. The former have to be seen as more committed and to be following a lifestyle as opposed to driven by personal gains don't they? If the end result remains the same some would argue that the driving force shouldn't matter and to some degree it doesn't. The sustainable vegan has to be one that is doing this for altruistic as opposed to selfish reasons. My hope would be that people come to realise this and over time their moral compass swings firmly behind the animal welfare cause. Introducing people to this way of life should be done with sensitivity and feeling, a battering ram approach won't work and only risks alienating others.

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