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Choice of one

Out and aboutPosted by veganomically Wed, July 31, 2013 08:39:30

One of the immediate impacts of going vegan is the time saved looking through restaurant menus, no longer do I have to pick and choose, to debate over which starter, does that main leave me enough room for a dessert? I’m found on the couple of occasions I’ve eaten out in a mainstream restaurant by asking for a vegetarian dish to come without soured cream or cheese I am cleverly able to turn it into an exciting vegan dish. Vegetable tagine or falafel salads aren’t going to inspire me too much though!

I am starting to search out vegan specific restaurants and also not going to be afraid to order off menu, in the better places to eat I’m sure the chef isn’t going to be ignorant of the request to have this without this and to have that but without those. There’s always plenty of side dishes that I can order any way as a main meal.

It’s one of the points my family have raised around my veganism that it will stop us going out for dinner and I really want to avoid that. We can still go out for dinner I just need to work a little harder to find an alternative.

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Posted by Veganomically Thu, August 01, 2013 13:32:38

Hello Sharon great to hear from you, I agree France is going to be difficult. I have packed plenty a case of goodies, tofu, nuts, dates, apricots, prunes so if nothing else I'm going to have those. Lots of salads, thank goodness it's hot! I made my first dahl last night, seemed to go down pretty well with everyone (non-vegans) although they added yoghurt!

Posted by Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff Wed, July 31, 2013 23:58:27

My family prefers to frequent the ethnic restaurants as they have a much wider selection of vegan dishes. Thai is our number one favourite. My son absolutely loves their tofu stir fries & noodles, while I love their creamy curries (made with coconut milk). We also love Nepalese & Indian restaurants (my son loves the dals, which tend to be very mild).
In Pizza Express, I just ask for the Giardinera pizza without cheese. It might sound a little strange, but it's actually really nice! Same thing in ASK, I have the roasted veg panini without the goats cheese.
Somehow I don't think the approach above is going to work in France ;) Last time we were there, a waitress asked why I didn't want ham in my sandwich and when I told her I was vegetarian, she replied "quelle horreur!" lol!