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CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Wed, August 07, 2013 20:52:58
Telling the truth to people when asked about animal welfare is an imperative if we have any hope of persuading others to follow the lifestyle we cherish. There is no point in sugar-coating the answers we give when challenged as to the fundamental beliefs we follow. Whilst there is little to be gained from bombarding people with graphic images of animal slaughter we must still find a way to get the message across clearly. The key to this is in knowing the facts to sustain and support the answers you give, there is no value in giving a response that confuses people. There is so much factual information available to us all that we must spend time absorbing the knowledge, assimilating the data in order to give credence to our side of any discussions we have. Our time on earth is short and there is value to every minute we can devote to furthering the positive news around following a vegan lifestyle. Positive for the environment, positive for the individual and positive for all living creatures.

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