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Family lifePosted by veganomically Sun, August 04, 2013 21:10:10
I'm loving the changes that this new life is bringing to me. One of the challenges I do have though is really wanting to help everyone around me to see the benefits of becoming and sustaining a vegan lifestyle.

The tightrope I tread is between sharing the full truth a la farm to fork or slowly sharing snippets of news that I encounter with my family. I know my family aren't going to change without the knowledge but I don't want to force the issue either. I just feel so great having taken this step, emotionally alive and physically enlightend.

Would be so good to get others to share this with me as well. From a practical point of view organising meals and showing that there is no need for a vegan life to be a difficult life would go a long way to persuading them of the positive side of committing to the change. I wonder if anyone else has an experience of being the first in the family to turn vegan and then others slowly following. How, when, why?

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