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Travelling time

Out and aboutPosted by veganomically Sat, August 03, 2013 18:55:24
We're off to France in the morning and it's the first time I've packed as a vegan. I've tried to take a couple of vegan food staples along to get through the first few days and sure that side of it will be fine.

The biggest surprise came in my views on the sheer volume of 'stuff' we're taking with us. I'm not sure if it's traditionally part of the vegan ethos but I seem to leaning more heavily to a less is more around materialistic things. In the premise of do no harm surely a key to that is not to use up the earths' resources making more and more to suit our disposable lifestyle. The products themselves may not have a direct link to animals but in their production there is no doubt that water is used in abundance and toxins enter the soil and the air. thus causing unknown levels of damage to the environment.

I feel that any true vegan should also be concerned about the macro-economic environment as well as the particular food and clothing related issues that are the entry point to this lifestyle. When we look at what we need versus what we want there is a huge disparity.

I'm not suggesting we live a life of sackcloth and ashes but perhaps ask ourselves what impact the production of that £3 t-shirt has had, whether we really need that pack of 200 disposable surface wipes. Life's to be enjoyed and there is much to be gained from finding pleasure in the simpler things in life. People's memories are formed from experiences as opposed to possessions. Experience and embrace life!

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