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You are what you wear?

It's not all about foodPosted by veganomically Fri, August 02, 2013 16:12:26
One of the most interesting aspects of this new life has been peoples' questions around the non-food side of things. 'But you're wearing a leather belt and shoes how can you be a vegan?'

My view is quite clear, I won't be buying any new animal derived products, whether that be for the home or for my person. If I were to dispose of all the products I have I think in a way that is more disrespectful to the unwillingly source of the product. I'll wear them till they wear out and then dispose of them appropriately. I'm sure there's lots of other options, replace everything now (that has an impact in terms of the resources needed to make new products and of course has a financial implication). Hand everything over to a charity shop, but again that doesn't take the product out of circulation.

I've quickly realised that to become totally removed from animal related products I would have to live a solitary life on a desert island somewhere. Avoiding being in a car, flying on a place, almost everything unfortunately has a animal connection somewhere along the line. My aim is to avoid as far as possible making use of or owning any products related to an animal.

If I can do that I'll consider myself to be a vegan.

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