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The fear factor

CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Thu, August 01, 2013 13:44:27

Feel the fear and do it anyway, a famous self-help book that should be applied to accepting a vegan lifestyle choice. Not for the vegan in question but for the people that feel impacted by it.

Only the individual can decide how something makes them feel, if the people I have so far shared my good news with decide it's something alien and makes them uncomfortable I have been doing everything I can to put them at ease. There comes a point where I wonder why I'm the one being challenged and not the person eating meat, glugging milk and gorging on cheese.

Clearly explaining why I am doing this and honestly answering questions; the most common ones are around milk and eggs - 'but the animal doesn't die' - ermm the male chicks, the veal calves - normal response 'I don't eat veal' ah that's all right then (no it's not).

At the moment in an office of circa 200 I appear to be the only one, sure that can't be the case so I'm going to start a vegan hunt (sounds wrong on a number of levels).

Still looking for that fellow vegan to talk to, feels like we need to set up a mirror image of alcoholics anonymous - vegans in the open so we have a support network in place!

Have no fear, vegans can't hurt you!

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