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Time flies!

CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Tue, May 27, 2014 15:52:14
Well like many people embarking on a new adventure I created a blog full of good intentions to post my feelings and thoughts every day. So what happened, well in my case the enthusiasm remains and is if anything growing by the day but I spent and spend my time on twitter. A dear friend prompted me to post a blog and the thought immediately filled me with vigour, the release of not being restricted by 140 characters is liberating!

I love twitter and the immediacy but sometimes there's more to say than can be encapsulated in such a soundbite. It's like veganism itself, veganism can be explained in a few words or can be the subject of volumes. If it truly is so simple why do more people, in fact why doesn't everyone adopt the lifestyle with immediate effect? What reasons could there possibly be for not becoming vegan?

When people give as a reason 'I couldn't give up.....cheese, burgers, steak, milk' it disappoints me so much. Just disappointment in people as fellow creatures. I honestly don't think it is a matter of education, I can't believe that people don't actually know what happens to produce their sausages, their milk. They may not know the details, as vegans tend to, have watched all the films, have read all the tweets, looked at the books but they must know the basics. In the main non-vegans are intelligent people, responsible people, loving people but they can't truly be happy if they aren't vegan can they?

When people who are not vegans proclaim they are 'animal lovers' it takes all my self-control not to shout NO! You might love some animals but if you aren't a vegan you can't love all animals, oh but I only eat organic meat, or drink ethically source milk, or support humane slaughter. Can you hear yourself talking, listen to the words you are saying - what is humane about slaughter, murder is murder - none of the animals you eat or use for your own comfort lives any life that could be described as normal, natural. There is nothing natural about the life animals are forced to lead, imprisoned, tortured and then murdered.

Then the question of vegetarians or 'I only eat fish' - in a way these people surprise me and challenge me the most. If you've gone to the trouble of following a vegetarian diet then it must have been with some degree of empathy with fellow creatures. If you decide not to eat meat for compassionate reasons how you can you ethically stop there? You're living half a life, you should progress to being a vegan straight away. Being a vegan has never been easier, there are so many food and clothing substitutes available now that the lack of something is no reason at all.

There is no downside, repeat no downside to being a vegan.

If there was true compassion in the world everyone would be vegan - it wouldn't even be a question or a discussion point.

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