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It's so much more than that though isn't it?

CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Wed, September 18, 2013 16:53:05

As I progress into this exciting vegan life it's becoming more and more obvious that the outward manifestation of veganism; what I eat, what I wear, what I use is making an internal change that is far more powerful.

I'd suggest that anyone that has recently embraced the vegan lifestyle feels more energised, more alive, ready to try new experiences. Could this in anyway be considered a negative? It's perhaps a strange question but there is almost a sensation with my new 'vegan power' that I'm invincible, that I can fly. Icarus as we know flew too close to the sun in his quest to soar with the birds and came crashing to earth, I'm aware that personally it's important that I don't crash and burn and as a result I am having to temper my desire to gorge myself on the outcome of all these new feelings.

I was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night (not very vegan I know before you comment) and it struck me that whilst I'd love to be the sensible Charlie Bucket I am in danger of being one of the more selfish golden ticket winners. I want it all and I want it now. As an example of that, I am finding myself more and more bewildered at the sheer array of animal products on sale, I'm seeing these through new eyes and it's scary. When I walk through the dead animal (meat) aisle at the local supermarket I find visions of the animals as they would/should be and have to restrain myself from asking people "what are you doing, what on earth are you doing?"

It's ubiquitous, that's the problem, the meat, dairy, fish industry have managed to market their message as a positive one, to show that all this produce is somehow good for you. It's a brilliant marketing trick and akin to the one played out in the 20th century by the tobacco companies, hopefully it will be restricted in the same way soon.

As you'll note this is not the most directional of musings and that's the problem, there's so much to do and so much to address that it's hard to know where to start. Should one deep dive into a particular area and really focus all energies into that or is it better to have a broad brush approach and focus a little bit of energy on a vast array of topics? I feel the answer is the former, in which case on what should the focus be? That my friends is the question, what to focus on? My gut feel is education, all well marketed products (loath them or not) have focused on the younger element in society whether that be banks, food companies, television shows and it feels that this is the right approach to take with promoting the incredible vegan cause.

So whilst we may not literally have wings and be able to fly perhaps there is a chance for us to soar anyway.

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