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Veganism: is it a path to growth?

CommunicatingPosted by veganomically Tue, September 10, 2013 15:23:50

Veganism has the power to change the world, so the obvious question is why hasn’t it changed the world more quickly? From a relatively ‘new to a vegan lifestyle’ standpoint it appears that, as with many other ‘isms’, there are different opinions and factions that actually rail against one another instead of against the common ‘enemy’.

I see so much back and forth in the press and on social media on, what might be considered fairly small, points of principles as opposed to addressing the bigger picture and looking to convert as many omnivores to a plant based diet as possible.

Are you a vegan no matter what the decision making process you have been through to take the step? If you’re doing it for personal reasons, i.e. health related as opposed to ethical reasons does it make you less of a vegan? Should you be considered to be following a vegan diet instead of following a vegan lifestyle? To some degree this must be considered less important than the fact all vegans contribute massively to the ethical and humane treatment of animals by simply not engaging with products that come from said creatures.

There’s more to be gained in converting a meat eater to a non-meat eater than in convincing a vegan to stop wearing that pair of leather shoes they’ve had for ten years. I totally agree that the aspiration for all vegans should be to cease using, owning, buying, wearing, eating any products at all that have an animal connection.

I fear that if ‘vegans’ in general continue to relish the fact they are ‘different’ and don’t embrace more people and make veganism approachable to all we will not see the growth in the vegan lifestyle that we all aspire to.

I have no greater wish than for everyone on the planet to wake up tomorrow having had an epiphany and recant all their previous dietary and lifestyle decisions in order to become vegan. In order to do this the vegan community has to come together instead of new ‘pressure’ groups being founded by the day. There’s far more power in being organised on a national/international scale than there is in cutting up the (vegan) pie into a million slices!

There’s so much out there to address and we should be on top of any issues that have a resonance to our community. Why whisper when we can shout? In answer to the question posed in the title of these words veganism is absolutely the way forward but we’ll move forward much more strongly and quickly if we follow a similar path as contrasted with each one of us making our way to a slightly different end goal via circuitous routes.

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