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No one missed the meat!

Family lifePosted by veganomically Tue, August 06, 2013 20:39:39
I volunteered to cook tonight and I'm not really sure what the family expected me to cook, or prepare - another salad I guess. Happy to report that the sweet garlic and tomato farfelle went down very well, from my 3 year old right through to my mother and father-I'm-law. Second helpings had by most and my daughter kindly informed me that it was her favourite meal of the week. It makes me think a little bit about the 'press' around vegan food, it's not currently marketed as the tasty, nourishing, attractive food it often is. The conglomerates in the ready meals industry spend millions upon millions marketing their, often poor quality, meals and there is no vegan marketing guru doing the same for our fare. We need to share the joy of eating a vegan diet and make it into one of the positive aspects of becoming a vegan. I have experienced many new flavours since turning vegan and I want that to be the experience of all. I'd urge everyone to push the positives in terms of the taste of vegan food by offering to cook a meal, prepare a course, bake a cake or simply share their lunch. The more we can get people engaged with actual vegan food the more likely the possibility of another person reaching the decision that this is something they can do and that being put off by the 'difficulties' of maintaining a vegan diet is quite simply a non-reason. Vegan food = exciting, compassionate food. Follow me on twitter @veganomically

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Sharing the love

Family lifePosted by veganomically Sun, August 04, 2013 21:10:10
I'm loving the changes that this new life is bringing to me. One of the challenges I do have though is really wanting to help everyone around me to see the benefits of becoming and sustaining a vegan lifestyle.

The tightrope I tread is between sharing the full truth a la farm to fork or slowly sharing snippets of news that I encounter with my family. I know my family aren't going to change without the knowledge but I don't want to force the issue either. I just feel so great having taken this step, emotionally alive and physically enlightend.

Would be so good to get others to share this with me as well. From a practical point of view organising meals and showing that there is no need for a vegan life to be a difficult life would go a long way to persuading them of the positive side of committing to the change. I wonder if anyone else has an experience of being the first in the family to turn vegan and then others slowly following. How, when, why?

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But what about the children?

Family lifePosted by veganomically Wed, July 31, 2013 08:45:27

This seems to be the most emotive point raised since my change (never sure what to call it, my change, becoming a vegan, adopting a vegan lifestyle, doing no harm!) The potential or perceived impact on the children in our family; a 3 year old boy and 6 years old girl. There’s a balance between wanting them to understand what I am doing and why whilst avoiding exposing them to too many ‘real’ dimensions of suffering before they have the maturity to cope.

Certainly the older of the children is very inquisitive as to why I am doing this and asking me directly about the animals in the food she’s eating. We’ve never shied away from talking sensibly about animals as food and there’s been no pretence about where ham comes from or what’s in a sausage. The difference is now that my action is telling them that there is something inherently wrong with the choices we’re inflicting on them and the lifestyle I used to lead before.

As a vegan I feel on one hand I have a duty to bring everyone into the Ark so to speak, to evangelise about the myriad of benefits to the animal kingdom, the environment and the each person themselves. On the other hand my partners fear is that this will create a risk of alienation for the children as they go through school, head to play dates and birthday parties. I have never met another vegan so can’t disagree with the views she has formed during growing up with two vegan friends that she saw become isolated from the group and pseudo-bullied for their way of living.

Everyone naturally wants what is best for their children and I’m torn between pushing home the benefits of being a vegan to them and not wanting them to be alienated from their peers and friends.

I’m going to softly push a vegan agenda at home and encourage them to eat many more plant based products as we move along this journey. I do agree wholeheartedly with my partner that we need to ensure we’re fully prepared for this and to have ready sourced alternatives to the current food they are consuming.

Family life needs to be enjoyable and I have no desire to make it harder than it needs to be so mindful planning and a demonstration of the upside is defiantly in order!

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